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Vinothek Wein.Cabinet
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We are legend. At least our Heuriger is. And different from other legends we always come back. Three- to four times a year we open our courtyard and prepare amazing dishes. But what actually constitutes a legend? It is a little bit different than the rest.

In our Heurigen we continously draw on our Swedish roots and combine hearty fish with classics from the Wachau region. We prepare world-class snacks which should offer something for everybody: the famous „Schwedenbrot“ (a multi layered fish dominated sandwich), „Polarbraten“ (a special Swedish roast), or „Peppalax“ (salmon). But no worries. For those who mistrust in the art of Swedish cooking (a huge mistake) we also offer Schweinsbraten (pork roast) and Blutwurst (blackpudding), Wachauer Ziegenfrischkäse (farmers cheese) or Bauerngeselchtes (smoked meat). But that is not all. Wine is still the main actor and that´s also the reason why you can find all our wines on the menu. Combined with the always lively atmosphere this programme makes our Heurigentime to an always special occasion.



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