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Vinothek Wein.Cabinet
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Our estate is almost as old as the city of Krems. For nearly 1000 years does our house exist and although wine was not made throughout the whole time there are some documents showing that already Bendictine monks grew apricots and cultivated grapes. In 1786 the vineyard estate was taken over by my family and since then we produce wine without interruptions. I got started in 2006 when I took over from my father who actually put his Swedish name behind the estate. Six generations of winemakers and more than 220 years are in between the beginnings and the present – a lot of tradition and also the duty to continue. So we took our first steps into a bright future.  Since 2006 we became bigger but much more important, we – my wife Dominique and me – decided to convert to organic winemaking.    

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