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We work with the soil, the climate and the vine: in short we work with nature and we do it as our ancestors once did – in a decidedly biological way. Differently from former times we had to declare our natural approach – so we did.

Working biologically means to us above all to observe. Because it is possible to read in the soil – about its breakages, its compressions or its root penetration. All the things which happen in the soil and on its surface are fundamental for every other development in the process of wine production. This is why we try to understand every detail of our vineyard, to know all of our vines and to treat them as gentle as possible.

Our idea of biological winemaking does not end at the cellar door. Also behind it we work with minimal intervention and above all we trust in time. That´s why we leave our wines for a long time on the yeasts – to harmonize structure, give them stability and its own and specific character.


In our vineyards, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilisers nor synthetic sprays are used. Instead, we use manure consisting of Stinging Nettle, Valerian drops, Valerian tea and other specially produced preparations, which similar to homeopathic medicines, are applied in a highly diluted form. Additionally, the lunar cycle plays a significant role in organic viniculture. We consult the lunar calendar for planting- and harvesting times. Using this method is indeed a sort of tightrope balancing act between sensible and esoteric measures.


By using modern methods coupled with the experience and tradition of generations, as well as environmental friendly work in the vineyards and cellars, our family have been producing highest quality wines since 1786.


The quality of a wine depends on numerous factors (e.g. pruning, soil texture, exposure of the vineyard, vintage and cellar techniques). Additionally, knowledge, skill, experience and care, coupled with an understanding of the biological cycles, are indispensable skills for making high quality wines.


When refraining from synthetic and chemical plant protection agents, the highest level of care is required in the vineyards. The natural approach opens up for a positive and sustainable cycle:


Healthy soil – Healthy plants – Healthy animals–

Healthy food – Healthy people


What applies to the vineyard, also applies to cellar production. When applying organic production, it is possible to bring the purest imprint of climate and soil to the wine. The result may be described as following:


A lively, fruity, and light wine that brings the health and naturalness of the soil to the bottle through the grape. If you now happen to hold a glass of such wine; enjoy it, and remember that you are holding a product of nature in your hand.


How Does Bio-Viticulture Work?

Bio-viticulture follows rigid guidelines in the land- as well as in the cellar culture:

No artificial fertiliser, no chemical-synthetic spraying agents, no environmental-damaging treatment substances or procedures.


All wine-treatment and food-additives must be free of gene-technology. It is very important to maintain the soil health. A healthy and natural soil is especially beneficial to the soil-typical development of the wine.


In the organic viticulture, one has to work principally by looking ahead, since mistakes in the harvest, pressing, or fermentation can hardly be corrected through cellar-culture measures. Hence, many procedures in the vineyards or in the cellar are considerably more time-consuming and laborious than in conventional cultivation.


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